Semalt: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Black Hat SEO Strategies

Staying ahead of competitors using black hat SEO strategies is possible. Internet marketers can utilize black hat SEO tactics to rank higher, increase conversations and, attract more traffic without violating Google's guidelines. Therefore, what is black hat SEO? The term 'black hat' denotes aggressive SEO tactics which violate the search engine's (for example, Google) best practices and guidelines. The most recognizable characteristics of black hat SEO are its sole focus on manipulating rankings and search engines and disregard for users.

The black hat SEO uses approaches such as keyword stuffing, content automation and article spinning to position low-quality content and manipulate rankings in the search engines. Additionally, black hat SEO uses tiered link building, create link wheels, doorway pages, and cloak links. Google, eventually tackled and caught black hat practices by publishing an update to Google Panda (ranking algorithm) also known as Google Penguin. Since then, any site that uses black hat techniques is penalized by Google. In this regard, a site's organic traffic can be skyrocketed by incorporating black hat SEO tactics in link building campaigns but in a white hat approach. Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, offers you to have a look at the following black hat tactics:

Tactic one: Link Wheels

Link wheels attained a breakthrough as a link building tactic a few years ago. Moreover, during this period, some reputable white hat SEO specialists praised the capability of link wheels to influence the ranking of a website in Google. The black hats utilized link wheels in enhancing the strength of the generated links, with an effect of propelling the web pages higher up in the search engine results. The idea behind link wheels is simple – to build a pattern of websites that link from one site to another including the developer's main page. Every web page in the wheel then powers up the subsequent spoke. Links wheels form a closed system. Hence the links' authority constantly continues to grow eventually directing a stronger link to the main website.

Tactic two: Blended Link Building

The blended link building is a strategy that retracts the idea of having many links to improve the ranking of a website. The main trick of this strategy is to include a reference in a website amid other web pages to highly authoritative links such as New York Times. In this way, a site owner can fool search engines to treat their websites in a similar manner as other websites, hence granting higher ranks.

Tactic three: Tiered Link-Building

The strategy uses the concept of linking more authoritative pages as backlinks, like blended link building. However, the method is simpler in that a site owner can build links to the existing web pages to improve their rankings and authority. The black hats SEOs create tiers of links with every link pointing back to the preceding one, ultimately reinforcing the backlink.

Tactic four: Contact Scrapping

Black hats can use applications such as Scrapebox to scour the internet in search of anything from content to keywords and webmaster's contact details. The information is used in sending automated link requests and build spun violations of the content. Thus, by using scrapping tools, users can analyze a site for technical SEO problems.


There are many intricacies involved in the process of link building. This includes steps to follow in expanding link profile. To stay ahead of competitors, an online marketer should use black hat SEO but in a white hat way.